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A new way to see yourself, share what you see and get opinions Brian Ball Founder & CEO (303)378-9559 brian.ball@opinioneasy.com March 22, 2012 Confidential - OpinionEasy, LLC

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0pinionEasy – The Pitch We create interactive shopping experiences to retarget lost brick-n-mortar shoppers and collect preference data in an inherently viral way. WhichDoULike? app users define what shoppers demand - Interpreting that data defines what suppliers need to supply. OpinionMirror offers retailers a modern way for shoppers to capture images and item info to stay engaged with the products and the store...beyond the store…so they can execute the buy remotely. March 22, 2012 Confidential - OpinionEasy, LLC

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0pinionEasy – The Consumer Problem The Shopper: People choosing something to wear, buy or use can only see one selection at a time and they are indecisive about those selections. They want their community of friends to give opinions. Picture yourself shopping alone wondering which is the best choice as you look in the mirror. You see only one view at a time: If only I had a simple way to see & send multiple images to my friends for their opinions. March 22, 2012 Confidential - OpinionEasy, LLC

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0pinionEasy – The Retail Problem Customer Retention and Preference Data About 30% of shoppers walk out of stores without buying a thing, leaving the retailers wondering: What are my shoppers interested in? What do their friends think? What do they ultimately buy? Where and how do they make that final decision? March 22, 2012 Confidential - OpinionEasy, LLC At OpinionEasy, we have the solution to both problems…

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March 22, 2012 Confidential - OpinionEasy, LLC 0pinionEasy – The Consumer Solution For the consumer the smartphone app WhichDoULike? allows you to capture multiple images of items you are interested in, see comparison views while you shop and share them with friends and family for opinions and feedback. Devon, who’s shopping for his wife, uses WhichDoULike? to send pics of the boots he’s considering: “OK, I’m getting Amanda a pair of red cowboy boots. She’s been wanting them but will never buy them herself: You all know Amanda: Which should I buy?” Comparison is a key differentiator over other picture sharing apps. We make it simple to capture multiple images of shoppers with similar items that they are considering: It's not just about "what" do you like but "which" do you like.

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March 22, 2012 Confidential - OpinionEasy, LLC 0pinionEasy – The Retail Solution OpinionMirror is an in-store, digital mirror that allows anyone to take multiple images of items and compare them side-by-side and share them for opinions. Customer Retention: Retailers are scrambling for ways to connect the shopping experience to the virtual world. Extends buying beyond the store by giving retailers opportunity to deliver call-to-action stimulators (coupons, incentives, etc). Allows the consumer to shop after they leave the store by facilitating the purchase remotely. Retargeting: real-time collection of shopper and shopper's friend's preferences on products -understand and leverage customer behavior from one channel to refine strategy and tactics on another channel. Preference Data: Know what customers consider; See what opinion givers like; Understand ultimate buying behavior: Price, Place, Promotion, Product

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What is the OpinionEasy Experience? From the store to your web page… The digital OpinionMirror will show multiple images of items someone is interested in: Those shots are sent to a personal webpage for the user (identified by their personal e-mail address) Then the user would send friends a link to the website to get their input. …or directly to your App: Smartphone users could scan a QR code on the camera display to download the app: The app detects what camera appliance it was downloaded from (using GPS and Location) and users can send photos (and SKU info) directly to the smartphone app Users could then send out the link from the phone itself or link App-to-App for existing users (no photos saved in-store, more portable picture sets) March 22, 2012 Confidential - OpinionEasy, LLC

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0pinionEasy – Where’s The $ March 22, 2012 Confidential - OpinionEasy, LLC The 2 “nuggets” are Buyer Preference Data and Retargeting Our vision has evolved from a simple B2C app to a B2B game changer in retail. If we can retarget a small fraction of 30% of shoppers who leave stores to make a purchase later, we’re tapping some of $3 Trillion in US retail…we’ve got a winner.

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0pinionEasy – The Team Founders Brian Ball – CEO Mike Goerner – Tech Lead: iOS & Backend Gwendy Galbraith - Creative Lead Denise Sawyer – Customer Lead Ed Goulet – Lead Dev: Android Port & OpinionMirror Additional Contributors Bob Gilson – Technology: WallOfOpinion Annette Ball – Market Research Jill White – Market Research Liz Hamilton – Web Designer & Social Media March 22, 2012 Confidential - OpinionEasy, LLC

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0pinionEasy March 22, 2012 Confidential - OpinionEasy, LLC We build shopping experiences to collect buying preferences that are in-store, in-hand, on-line but also fun, social and inherently viral. Choose the WhichDoULike? app or the in-store OpinionMirror for valuable, trusted feedback that’s always at your fingertips. Anytime, Anywhere, Anything. That’s opinion…easy

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