first conditional


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First Conditional 1ο Είδος Υποθετικού Λόγου

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1st Conditional Possibility (Εκφράζει κάτι που είναι ΠΙΘΑΝΟ να συμβεί στο μέλλον)

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1st Conditional If + Present Simple Future Simple/ Can/could/may/should

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Examples of 1st Conditional If I have enough money, I’ll buy a car. I’ll buy a car if I have enough money. Comma is missing To κόμμα φεύγει όταν ξεκινάω αντίστροφα.

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Mum will be angry if you don’t tidy up your room. If + not unless Mum will be angry unless you tidy your room. unless you don’t tidy

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Your turn! If she sends the letter tomorrow, it next week. a. will arrive b. arrives

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Unless he working soon, he will be very tired. b. doesn’t stop a. stops

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We will be on time if we a taxi. a. take b. will take

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Unless he trains every day, he the race. a. doesn’t win b. won’t win

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The dog won’t bite you a. unless you hurt it b. unless you don’t hurt it

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