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Hind (9 years ago)

I like it so much ! Good job !!

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Leadership lessons from Obama

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Be comfortable in your own skin

Slide 3

Develop your communication skills

Slide 4

Spend quality time crafting your speeches

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Deliver with passion

Slide 7

Connect with your audience

Slide 8

Stick to the message

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You will get far with a great team

Slide 10

You learn more by listening......

Slide 11

It’s all about connecting

Slide 12

Stable strategy + Flexible tactics = Victory

Slide 13

Yesterday’s competitor is today’s collaborator

Slide 14

A leader is a dealer in hope Napoleon.

Slide 15

Be your own story teller

Slide 16

Leadership is influence

Slide 17

Technology is an ally

Slide 18

Use it to reach your supporters

Slide 19

Leadership is all about empowering others

Slide 20

and releasing them to make impact

Slide 21

The ability to stay calm under pressure is a great quality

Slide 22

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Summary: A very well Pictualized presentation giving the precise points about succeeding like Obama. NOTE: Presentation has not been created by the Pictualize team and has been obtained as an email forward. If someone can inform us about the creator of the ppt, we will be glad to acknowledge the creator's name.

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