Top Flex 3 Unit 9 - Time Clauses


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Top Flex 3 – Unit 9 First conditional & Time clauses

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First conditional If you study hard, you’ll get a good grade in the test. The conditional clause is in the present. The result clause is in the future : will + verb

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Complete the sentences: 1) If Geivis _________ (meet) Xuxa, he __________ (kiss) her. 2) If he __________ (kiss) Xuxa, she _____________ (fall) in love with him. 3) And if she ___________ (fall) in love with him, they ______________(get married). meets will kiss kisses will fall falls will get married Geivis

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Time clauses Time clauses are introduced by conjunctions of time: when,while, as soon as, after, before and until. When Debora arrives in NY, she will call us. The situation refers to the future, but the verb in the time clause is in the present.

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Time Clauses Sheila will do the homework as soon as she arrives home from work tomorrow. As soon as Sheila arrives home from work tomorrow, she’ll do the homework.

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When Khalil’s English is fluent, he is going to spend a month in England. While my children are studying, I’ll prepare some exercises for my students. I’ll not relax until my students understand the use of time clauses.

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Complete the sentences: 1) Henrique ___________ (wear) a suit everyday until he ___________ (go) to Paris on vacation. 2) Before Adriana_______(buy) her wedding dress, she _______________ (look) at various models. 3) After Emerson ____________ (graduate) from Thomas Jefferson, he ______________ (study) Chinese.

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Complete the sentences with time conjunctions: _________________ Cristina gets home, she’ll go straight to the kitchen. Rodrigo is going out with his friends today _________ he leaves the store. Fátima will work very hard __________ she has produced a million uniforms! _____________ Edson and Leonardo are helping their patients, their secretaries will make some phone calls. Edriane will practice her English _________ she meets her American friends in Italy.

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Now open your books to page 68 and do exercises 4 and 5. While you are doing the exercises, I’ll walk around to help you.