The CBD of Glasgow


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Urban Land Uses The Central Business District Photos from Gorgeous Geography and Geograph

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What shapes a City? Centripetal Forces Centrifugal Forces Sort the following… Maximum accessibility Lack of space Clustering of certain functions Increasing bid rent Congestion Prestige of central address Maximum potential threshold population Proximity of residence to range of entertainments Restrictions on city centre developments

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What do the images tell you about the CBD of Glasgow?

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Features of the CBD 1 Highest Land Values- Intensive competition for space Centre of routes Multi Storey buildings Lack of Space, high road and building density Commercial and Financial Land Uses ( High Profit) Large Department Stores – John Lewis, Debenhams, Marks for large sales turnover Specialist shops e.g. Argyll arcade for Jewellery Offices-Banks, Solicitors etc (western CBD of Glasgow for Finiancial services) Transport termini – Buchanan Street Bus Station, Central, Queen St High Traffic and Pedestrian Flow, especially at rush hour Historic Core- Old buildings, tourist attractions e.g. Cathedral

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Features of the CBD 2 Variety of Retailers (optimum population) Entertainment – Cinemas (UGC), Theatres, Nightclubs Low Residential Population because of high land values Pollution Traffic Congestion Grid Street Pattern

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Problems of the CBD- Glasgow Traffic congestion at bridging points, central areas (grid pattern) Poor air quality- fumes from high traffic volume Pedestrian Congestion Competition from out of town services Preservation v Modernisation (Historic Core) Noise Crime

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CBD solutions Decentralisation of functions e.g Greenfield and brownfield sites Braehead as an alternative shopping venue? However, CBD loses out, so… Pedestrianisation- Change the shopping environment, reduce congestion and air pollution Bus, Cycle lanes, Park and Ride, Double yellows M74 extension Improvement of underground services (Commonwealth?) Covered Shopping Malls – Buchanan Galleries, St Enoch Develop Tourism ( Short stay breaks, Hotel facilities built, boom in restaurant numbers e.g Merchant City) Associated Conservation of historic buildings Change in function? – Merchant City housing

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How can we tell the position of the CBD on an O.S. map?

Summary: as it says..