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The Front Cover The development of my front cover

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This is the very beginning of my front cover. I placed my title of the magazine large so that it is easy to read for all audiences. I have also used a pull at the top of the page to draw in the audience.

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Next I added the main image of my cover. I did this so that I would be able to work around it and make progress on the rest of the cover. I then added the name of the artist, which allowed the reader to know what the picture corresponded with. Lastly I added a banner to the bottom of the cover to make the page stand out and to advertise more of what’s inside.

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The next stage for me was to add the other pull factors to the page. This was where I added the other articles which were going to be featured inside and so they would look authentic. I also only stuck to 2 colours and 3 fonts which meant that my page didn’t look too busy.

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Finally I added a shape to go behind the ‘100’ which meant that it stood out. I also added the barcode, date and price. This is because these are conventional aspects that you would expect to find whilst buying a magazine I have finally added two musical noted to the final product. This is to enable my product to stand out over the rest and to look attractive to its readers.

Summary: The development of my front cover for media studies

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