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The Contents Page The development of my contents page

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I started the contents page with ‘Contents’ written across the top. This keeps with the house style as it is in the same colour and effects as the masthead I have then used the by – line that I did as many magazines use this. I added the musical note in order to keep with the theme on my front cover. This way they all follow on. The website on the bottom was added so that people can see where they can look online for more information

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I then added two lines. This means that I will be able to put the information into clear columns for people to read. I then put in these shapes. I did this so it would be clear to me where I was going to put my images when I finally placed them in.

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This is where I placed in all the information which was going to be in my final product. I placed them into the two columns in order to make the page look neater. I then put the writing in the appropriate colours so that they looked in line with the rest of the house style.

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I then added in a letter from the editor. I did this so that the magazine looked more authentic and so that the audience might be able to read more to what is involved in the magazine.

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Here I finally placed in the remainder of all my images. This meant that the readers will be able to see who the article is about. This is why I have also added in the page numbers. I have also signed the editors letter. This allows the page to look more authentic as both of my style models have this feature.

Summary: This is the development stages for my contents page for my media As level coursework

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