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The Feature Article The development of my feature article

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Firstly I added a red tinge to the background. This meant that I had added a little bit of colour to the background and that it stood out a little. I then added a couple of images. There is one large one and one small. This is because this enables the writing to be able to fit around the images easier. The title of my feature article is the same as what I put on my front cover. I did this because it meant that the audience would recognise what it is by the front cover itself.

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This is when I put the sub heading underneath the small image. This meant that they know knew what the image was meant to represent. I then added the page numbers. This allowed the readers to know what page they are on, as they will be looking for it after looking at the numbers on the contents page.

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This is when I placed in my opening paragraph. I kept this separate from putting it in columns as it meant that people would be able to tell that it wasn’t part of the interview itself.

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This is the stage in which I added in my interview. I put it in columns which were the same with apart so that it was clear and easy to read. I then placed them into different colours; the questions in red and the answers in black. I did this so that they looked clear and because the colours corresponded with the house style that I had chosen.

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This is the final stage, it is when I placed in my quotation. I did this to make my article look more authentic. Also it meant that some of the important information stood out from the rest of the article.

Summary: This is to show the development stages that I took in creating my feature article for my AS Media Studies coursework

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