Results of questionnaire


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Results of questionnaire

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My survey was an open questionnaire where people could write down their own opinions or their own answers. I thought this was a good idea because it let me know why they chose that answer and made the questionnaire more diverse. However, this could have made my summary more difficult as there would be lots of different answers that may not add up for an overall summary.

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The disappearance of country music genre in the public eye.

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Overall, a larger amount of people who participated in my questionnaire agreed that there was a disappearance of popularity regarding country music. Most of the reasons for this were because “it isn't advertised as much in the music industry today”

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Also, most people answered the question “do you play an instrument?” with the answer guitar. This made me think that my main artist could play the guitar as this would also attract people as it is a popular instrument.

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This made me think that I should consider producing a country music magazine as it is different from other productions today and can stand out from others. Although some say it is not as widely advertised this would benefit me as it could make the reader interested in country music and make it more popular as there is a gap in the market for the advertisement of country music which will make it more seen in the public eye.

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There are popular artist in the music industry today who produce country music for example Taylor Swift, Shania Twain and Jonny Cash. Taylor is popular with the younger generation and is also a country artist. This could attract audience to my magazine if I added famous artist such as Taylor Swift in my magazine that will make the reader want to buy it. Jonny cash was a famous country singer in his prime so more older people could also relate to my magazine.

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