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Front Cover Development Step-by-step of my front cover.

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I began with a basic background using the gradient tool, I chose the colour brown because it is a warm autumn colour that reflects upon my theme, country. I then began the mass head “country” using the Algerian font and the date and price of my magazine.

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Next, I added a banner at the top of my magazine as most magazines will have these. I have included a website link to make the magazine more realistic as the audience can find more info and exclusives on their home website. I then created my own unique barcode by using the rectangle tool to create the bar lines. STEP 1

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I then added different features in the magazine such as sell lines which the reader may be attracted to I used different font such as “Impact”, “copper sans” and “Lucida Calligraphy” to make it look more diverse and exciting. STEP 2

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I decided to change my background design and used the main image to take up the entire background as I believe the yellow looks more attractive and fits better with the genre country, as it is a bright and summery colour, it also blends well with the brown’s, orange’s and red’s. STEP 3

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Finally, I added the main cover line that fits with the main image, I used a drop shadow effect so the headliner “RACHEL PARTON” gave the impression as if it were 3d and jumping out from the magazine, I kept with my colour scheme and used a brownish/red. I then added a button to grab the audiences attention as it is bright yellow and offers a free gift when purchasing the magazine. STEP 4

Summary: this is the development stages of my front cover.

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