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Food of the Sun A Guide to Solar Cooking

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Types of Solar Cookers Curved concentrator Cookers Combination Cookers (CooKit by SCI, not CSI) Box Cookers

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Step One Materials: 1 large box 1 smaller box to fit inside

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Step Two Materials: Aluminum Foil Duct Tape

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Step Three Materials: Large Box Flaps Duct Tape

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Step Four Materials: Sheet of Plexiglas or Normal Glass More Duct Tape!

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Step Five Materials: Aluminum Foil Cardboard Duct Tape You will also need something to prop the reflector up.

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Types of Foods to Cook Eggs Rice Fruit Vegetables Chicken Fish

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My Results Although the heat inside the cooker did increase, my findings concluded that this may not be the best form of cooking for spring in Minnesota. BUT WHY???

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Pros and Cons Uses the Sun as Fuel and is therefore cleaner Easy to make using readily available materials Good for emergencies Good for third world countries where fuel is not as available Very dependent on weather Not ideal in a northern climate Not enough heat=Longer time in “danger zone” where bacteria can grow Many factors can hinder cooking process including composition

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Happy Solar Cooking!

Summary: How to build and use a solar cooker based off of my own findings.

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