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Emerging Online Technology Review Presented by Liberty Joy

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Evolve is an emerging online resource made possible by the Elsevier Publishing Company Provides a variety of educational tools for both faculty and students within health professions This review will focus on the use and implementation of activities specific to Nursing Education audience

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Purpose of Evolve Provide innovative methods of content delivery and reinforcement “Better tools for better learning” Evolve motto “Evolve empowers students and faculty with the best possible learning tools in the industry”

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Learning tools on Evolve: Resources Courses e-books Case Studies Simulations

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Resources Free resources for instructors and students to use along with their Elsevier textbooks: Instructor Manuals Image collections PowerPoint Presentations Test Banks Study Guides Videos Animations Practice Quizzes Course content to import to Blackboard or other class management systems Web links

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Courses Created by e-learning experts Ready made courses expand concepts found within Elsevier textbooks Engage students with: reading activities animation video audio interactive exercises assessments

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Virtual reinforcement of core content

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E-Books Electronic access to leading Elsevier textbooks Allows for searches within an individual text or multiple texts Innovative way to access core information Allows for electronic highlighting within text Allows for sharing of highlights and notes with others Links to additional free online resources

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Case Studies Prepares students to manage complex patient conditions and make sound clinical judgments Assists in preparation for NCLEX licensure examination Instructor is able to view reports on student performance Online case studies cover: physiological alterations psychosocial alterations related management Pharmacology therapeutic concepts

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Simulations Gives students realistic experiences Virtual clinical settings: Medical Office Clinical excursions Patient encounters Sharpens critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills

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Clinical Simulation

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COST FREE: The only cost associated with using EVOLVE is the purchase of Elsevier textbooks (which are commonly used in Nursing programs, as they are popular text options)

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Ease of Use Basic computer skills User friendly Simple to navigate Tutorials available Online support

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Would I recommend this technology? Absolutely! Evolve is a wonderful resource. Many nursing programs already use Elsevier textbooks. The integration of Evolve would be free and be a wonderful supplement for students and faculty alike.

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https://evolve.elsevier. com/staticPages/i_index.html

Summary: Emerging Technology Presentation

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