Social Security - Eroding Benefits


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Your annual income, the annual SS wage cap, and your retirement check Average Annual Wages Annual SS Wage Cap Social Security Retiree Benefits Average wages greater than Social Security wage cap Greater than wage cap 1970 Only of annual wage cap 1990 2010 1970 : Maximum Social Security retiree benefits 1990 : Social Security retiree benefits diminished 2010 Social Security Struggling to survive $9,350 $7,800 $28,930 $51,300 $39,423 $106,800 1,269 322 Only of annual wage cap Copyright AmeriCareToday 2012 56% 37% 20 % WWW.AARP2.COM All About the Rest of the People too See Expanded version at:

Summary: When your wage increases don't stay up with the Social Security wage cap increases you lose at retirement time

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