Technology in Mathematics Classroom


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Technology in Mathematics Classroom Lye Sze Yee An ordinary teacher who loves to explore free ICT tools for her extraordinary pupils 

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Philosophy Ask not what the technology can do for you Ask what you want the technology can do.

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Learning from Technology Technology-as-teaccher

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Rationale Multimedia Web Resources Offers instant feedback

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Using technology in class Create Maths Blog to house the resources

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Experience 2008 – 2009 (Using Blogspot) 2008 2009

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Experience 2010 (Wordpress)

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Experience 2012

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Mathematics Resources Web Resources Self-Created Resources

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Web Resources (Lower Primary) Multiplication Game Addition Game Money Game

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Web Resources (Primary 3 and 4) Measurement Map-O-meter Decimal

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Self-Created Quizzes Revision Game

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Blogger Help

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Learning with technology Technology-as-partner Distribute cognitive processing; cognitive partnership

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Using MaPS Mathematics PlaySpace Developed by Thong Chee Hing, Senior Specialist (Technologies for Learning)/ETD

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Plans & Strategies for T&L Research indicates 4 methods of instruction that show the most promise: Systematic and explicit instruction Self-instruction/questioning Use of visual representation Peer tutoring (Xin & Jitendra, 1999; Baker, Gersten, & Lee, 2002; Adams & Carnine, 2003; Kroesbergen & Van Luit, 2003; Browder, Spooner, Ahlgrim-Delzell, Harris, & Wakeman, 2008)

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