Precise Values Investment Opportunity


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To receive a copy of the Executive Summary please feel free to contact me.

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Strategic Investment Opportunity

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BPO’s Broker Price Opinion

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Lenders normally order more than one Valuation on each Delinquent Mortgage. Even Small Lenders typically order 120 valuations a month. The average price of $120 equals a total monthly Revenue of $14,400 Minimum Per Client. 2008 → 2.5 Million Foreclosures

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Lenders lose 30 to 90% of their principal in a typical foreclosure sale. Avoiding foreclosure is a win for lenders. Speedy recovery of capital means more money to lend and increased revenue. Foreclosure → LOSE/LOSE for Lenders

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Precise Values is a business that was conceived and designed to be profitable in a strong economy, but will be even more prosperous during a weak one. Market Timing

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Loss Mitigation Collections Real Estate Valuation Asset Acquisition Asset Liquidation Systems Analyst Project Management Website Development Database Development Systems Integration Experience

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There are currently only 3 competitors that offer a similar level of automation and systemization. Systemization None of them offer Collection, Loss Mitigation and Asset Liquidation Tools.

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Online Automation

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Unique Products Unique Products

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The Timing is Right!!! Timing is Right! Foreclosures continue to be on the upswing. Lenders are looking for better options to mitigate their risks and increase collections.

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$10,000,000,000 Market Lenders will spend $10 Billion for Foreclosure Valuations in 2009

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Don’t miss the Boat! Precise Values is seeking investment funds to support launch and rapid growth. Opportunity Conservative 50% ROI

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Don’t miss the Boat! Launched March 2009 Precise Values requires $100,000 for Launch To be used for Marketing, Equipment and Salaries

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For more information contact: Jeff Melcher 480-334-4412 Join us on this Adventure

Summary: A strategic investment opportunity in a cashflow business with tremendous potential in a growth sector.

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