What kind of media institution might distribute your


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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

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Bauer If my magazine was published and sold to the public, ideally I would like a big media distribution company such as Bauer to distribute my magazine as they are well recognised and also distribute music magazines in the market at the moment such as 'Kerrang' and 'Q'. As my magazine is very much like Q, with only the genre of music being different I think it would sell well. With Q's buyer's mostly being men, and my magazine aiming to target women, we have totally different audiences meaning there would be no loss for the company as men would continue to buy Q and women hopefully deciding to buy my magazine. My magazine also targets men in a sense, as they can buy my magazine as well as women.

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Development Hell Ltd As Bauer are such a big company they can afford to distribute newer magazines without the worry of losing money as they have many other magazines which do well in the market. However, smaller companies such as Development Hell Ltd would decide not to distribute my magazine as they have less money and cannot afford to fall back on other less successful magazines.

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Immediate Media Co Also, the likes of Immediate Media Co would not distribute my magazine as TOTP is a successful girl’s pop magazine, meaning there would be competition between my magazine and TOTP.

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