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Audience Feedback Through the use of open and closed questionnaires.

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For my audience feedback, I decided that I was going to hand out some questionnaires, some open and some closed to my potential audience. Here are some of the results that I got back.

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Closed Questionnaires

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Closed Questionnaires

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Closed Questionnaires

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Closed Questionnaires

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Open questionnaires

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Open Questionnaires Would this magazine catch your attention if you walk past it in the shop? And why? “Yes, It has a good strong image on the front. Particularly like the small touches like the music notes” “Yes, because of the red text” “Yep, the red stands out. The models’ image is large” “Yes, the picture is eye catching and the headline is bold.”

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Open Questionnaire What do you think about the masthead of my magazine? “Very appropriate for a music magazine” “It is very clear, and obvious to the style of magazine” “I like it, links to the genre” “Suitable for its genre”

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Why was this important?

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Importance This was important, as in the real world of publishing, audience feedback is very important. This is their opportunity to change something about the product that they believe will pull up the audience rate. It means that they will know what their prosumer's want, and if their magazine needs changing. For example, in my magazine someone said that they thought the fonts blended in with my models hair on the front cover. Therefore I changed it so that they stood out more... And therefore created a product which is more relatable for my target audience.

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Any Changes?

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Changes? If I had the opportunity to complete my practical again, this time I would make sure that I checked the setting on the camera before taking images. Therefore I would be able to save a lot of time within the process, which I used to take a set of new images.

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