In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?


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  In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

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This is my front cover This is my style model

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The front cover In both of the covers, the images are large and cover part of the masthead. This is important as it means that the magazine will be recognisable, even if part of its title is covered. This allows for my main image stands out against the background. Also the spacing between the writing is similar. This allows my magazine to look more authentic as the spacing isn’t too huge. It means that the writing is clearly set out and easy to read.

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This is my style model This is my contents page

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The contents page On my contents page, all the information has been presented in lists. This is the same as my style model. I have used this technique as it means that all the information is clear and easy for the readers to find the page the story is on. I have used a wide range of images which represent the different stories that may be in included throughout the rest of the magazine. This means that they will be able to see what some of the images are relating to. They also have numbers on the images, this means that it will be easier to find the pages that you are looking for.

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This is my style model This is my feature article

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The feature article In my feature article, we can see that I have added an indented quotation. This can also be seen within my style model and therefore shows my article to be realistic as well as the use of more than one image throughout. My article, unlike the style model, has an interview style. I have done my own in this way as it was the way that my potential audience wished to see my article. It is the style which my audience was interested in, as it may be younger than the one on here. The colour scheme looks like the same ones that are popular within music magazines. This is good as it means I am following one of the popular conventions that is used.

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Breaking conventions? I believe that I am breaking some of the main conventions that are normally seen throughout the music magazine industry. For example I have used a female model for my front cover. This is different because the normal sex that companies tend to use on covers is male. They have been known to use female artists in order to draw in an audience with their model looking ‘sexy’, which is something that I have avoided for my own, although I have made her relate to the audience and to look inviting. Also I have only used one image on the front cover. This is because I believed that my cover would look too cluttered if it contained more than one, even though this is different to most magazines.

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