What have you learnt about technologies from the


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What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

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At the beginning of the creation of my product my technical knowledge was scarce. I lacked knowledge of various software's, such as Slideshare. I had basic knowledge of how to use Photoshop, however I did not fully understand how to use different tools. I have used various different camera equipment over the time. I was not familiar with Blogspot and creating my own blog was new to me, however throughout the course my knowledge has progressed in order to create a successful product. I have used various tools such as blur, brush and bevel and emboss. I also used the spot healing tool.

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PHOTOSHOP I changed the brightness and contrast of my front cover image During the course my Photoshop skills have increased. I have used various tools such as blur, brush and bevel and emboss. I also used the spot healing tool. I selected image, adjustments and then brightness and contrast in order to make the image stand out on my front cover. Next I changed the colour. I selected image, adjustments and then black and white so that my cover image would fit with the colour scheme. I then moved the cursor accordingly until I was satisfied with my image.

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This was the outcome for my front cover image. I decided to edit the brightness and contrast to make the image more suitable, this worked well as Photoshop allowed me to create a professional feel. I also changed the image to black and white using Photoshop to give my magazine cover more of an "egdy" feel as I wanted it to look like a real rock magazine. I use the spot healing tool to cover any of my models blemishes. THE FINISHED IMAGE

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BURN TOOL I used the burn tool to make my models lips darker. I clicked on the tool selection, I then clicked the burn tool. I changed the size of the brush to the size of my models lips. Finally I dragged the brush over the area to make the finishing touches.

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BEVEL AND EMBOSS I used bevel and emboss to create a 3D look for my hook FINISHED I double clicked the layer in order to change the ‘layer style.’ Next I added bevel and emboss to make the shape look 3D. I changed the size and depth until I was happy with it. Finally I added a drop shadow, changing the blend mode to dissolve in order to create the effect. I used the shape as a hook for my front cover.

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FONTS I used various fonts from other sources I used http://refont.com for my headline. The font worked effectively as it gave my magazine front cover a ‘rocky’ feel. I used http://www.dafont.com for my masthead which made my magazine cover look more creative.

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BLOGSPOT Before the AS Media studies course, I had never used a blog before. I have created my own blog where I have learnt how to create new posts and change the layout. At first I found it difficult to post presentations to my blog however, as the course progressed my skills have developed.

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SLIDEBOOM I have used slideboom to post presentations to my blog I had never used Slideboom or anything similar before my Media Studies course. Slideboom is a website that allows you to upload your own presentations. I used Slideboom to upload presentations I have created using Powerpoint, which I then uploaded to my own blog for the public to see. I also used Slideshare however had technical problems revisiting my account.