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Target audiendce: 14-19yr olds Interested in indie/rock music How did you attract/address your audience?

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To attract my target audience, I used black and white images to fit in with the colour scheme. My model is heavily sexualised, as well as casual to attract both male and female attention. Women rarely read music magazines, in order to attract a female audience my article had to be inspiring. The cover image replaces a background so that my model looks superior IMAGES I used this image as my model looks like a stereotypical female rock artist, as well as attractive for a male audience.

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I used eccentric colours and bold fonts in order to attract a specific audience. I used hot pinks which symbolise passion, this is to fit in with my cover image. I used black backgrounds for my article and contents page to ensure the bright colours would stand out effectively. The use of pinks and yellows worked successfully as I took this convention from my style model, Kerrang! Colour scheme

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For the hooks of my magazine I have used typical rock/indie bands to attract my niche audience. My cover story is that of a typical ‘rock star’ as my cover model has recently suffered a drug addiction. This would create excitement causing someone to buy the magazine so that they can read more. HOOKS AND COVER STORY

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Advertising competitions and ‘poster specials’ would give the audience a sense of ownership and participation for my product. Competitions and free merch These are all examples of different hooks I have used to attract my target audience