In what ways does your media product use


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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and real media products?

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The Original One main model Many different fonts One main house style (easily distinguishable) Fairly plain background Main caption is obvious

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My Cover Main model is centre of attention Little text Many different fonts Clear house style Main caption is obvious Plain background Clear sense of house style

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Conventions? I’ve followed a number of conventions for my cover, NME have a habit of having little text on their covers. This is a convention I have chosen to follow, as I feel the model is most effective in drawing the audience in. I also followed conventions with the head mast as it clearly stands out compared to the rest of the magazine, however this has to be done for promotional and marketing purposes. “Sara Doherty” is the story which relates to the main model much like “Noel” was on the style model, and this was another aspect which I felt important to conform to, otherwise there many have been confusion amongst the audience. The Plain background has been used on the style model, However, mine is even plainer. This was done to draw even more attention to the model, as this is the main market point.

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Challenged? I feel the extremely plain background of the magazine cover challenges the Conventions of a typical media product, as not many use a plain hite Background. Occasions, NME have and I feel it emphasised the model which is the main selling point for the magazine Another convention I feel I have broken is the use of the quote “I can only apologise for my brother’s mistakes” not many music magazines use a quote however I feel the use added emotion rather than a generic comment. If an audience feels connected to a story the more likely they are to buy the Magaizne.

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Contents Page Band index Competition (opportunity for reader interaction) Contents split into subheadings Viral interaction (Facebook, Twitter) Gig guide Large images of a festival

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Conventions? I’ve followed many conventions for my contents page, for example interaction with magazines is very popular now both virally and traditionally. For this reason I have chosen to include both a Facebook and a Twitter address. The Band index is somewhat of a new concept, however it’s not unheard of so Although it’s not a convention per se, it isn’t uncommon. I feel the main convention followed is the use of sub headings in the contents page. This is done to make the contents page easier to navigate. The large images central to the page are typical to the likes of NME and Rocksound.

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Conventions? I feel the main conventions of this article is the basic layout, with the image on the left, and the writing on the right. The use of a quote to summarise the article is also a very popular feature among many music magazines, this allows the readers to understand a little bit about the article without revealing too much; much like a blurb.

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Challenged? this article challenged the conventions of a typical article. For example the title is not placed directly above the writing and is instead under the main photo. Another area in which traditional conventions are challenged is the text, as there is no obvious break with images, however to avoid it looking too “chunky” I colour coded the questions/answers of the interview

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