Conventions of real media products


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Conventions of real media products. How my media product uses, develops or challenged conventions

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Top Of The Pops magazine Bright title – I used a similar technique on my magazine so it stood out more and drew attention. Clear what the main story is and how it’s linked to the main photo – again, I used this and made it clear who the article would be about. I used a medium shot photo too on the over of my front cover. I placed a similar band, but at the bottom of the page and it was a contest to win tickets, not a quiz.

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Although, the Top Of The Pops is the magazine genre I am doing and they aim theirs at the same target audience I want to, I still looked at another magazine because I think the layout looks messy, which I personally did not want. Why I used another style model

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Billboard magazine I also placed the title behind the photo, so it is still clear to read but it doesn’t take the focus off the photo. I didn’t use too many hooks either so it didn’t look cramped and the layout is tidy. They are clearly divided without using too many different colours or shapes like they have on TOTP.

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How I challenged conventions: I challenged the usual conventions of a pop magazine by: Not having anymore photos on the front cover, other than the main photo. Not placing the main hook across the middle of the person. By sticking to 3 main colours throughout the whole magazine and not 5 or 6. Title isn’t just one solid colour, I have gave it effects.

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Contents page style model: I used: The same idea of having a bright block at the top with the title on. The page number on photos but I had but a little tag or caption underneath them too. What I did differently: The layout was different because I wanted the photos on one side and the pages down the other. I think this way it looked more organized and attractive. I didn’t use as many pictures. I stuck to the same colour scheme, whereas they seem to have changed it slightly.

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Article style model: This is the article I looked at when making mine. I liked how there weren’t too many photos used, so I done the same except used another photo on the third page, and just had one on the double page one. I used the same idea of having quotes in bold, big and a different colour. So I used the same style that was on the cover. I took the idea of changing the colour of the subheading and making it bigger. Instead of using a quote as an introduction though, I used a similar introduction as what was on the front cover.

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My media product: