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OLYMPIC GAMES Joaquim Abril 5th C

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Index The Classroom 5th C 2. London 3. Olympic Game: Artistic Gymnastics, Athletes and the Venue North Greenwich Arena . 4 . Paralympic Game: Wheelchair Fencing, Athletes and the Venue Excel. 5.- Thanks and Authors

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CLASSROOM 5th C This is our classroom. We are twenty students in total: eight girls and twelve boys. Our tutor teacher is Maria Peiró. Our favourite sports are basketball and football. We like sports very much!!

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LONDON This year 2012 the Olympics games are celebrated in LONDON This is the Tower Bridge. Its build started the year 1887. This is the Big Ben. It is believed that the name is in honor of the first charge of the building, Benjamin Hall, or perhaps to the boxer Ben Caunt, very popular in 1858.

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Marble Arch The Marble Arch, as its name implies, is an arch made ​​of marble: Carrara white marble. The architect John Nash made ​​the Marble Arch in 1828. The Marble Arch was placed near Buckingham Palace. In 1851 the arch was moved to one end of Hyde Park, next to the famous Speakers' Corner. gherkin This is the office building for Swiss Re Company in London (better known as "the Gherkin" because of its shape). It’s special for its unusual design, and it`s a modern icon of respect for the environment. Its got 40 floors and 180 feet high. It opened at the end of May 2004.

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OLYMPIC GAME: ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS The term ‘Artistic Gymnastics’ was first used in the 19th century. The best known of the three Gymnastics disciplines, Artistic Gymnastics is always among the most popular competitions at the Games. Dates: Saturday 28 July – Tuesday 7 August Medal events: 14 Athletes: 196 (98 men, 98 women)

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Olympic game london 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Name: Louis Smith Date of birth: 22 April 1989 Country: Cambridge shire, Great Britain Name: Daniel Keating Date of birth: 4 January 1990 Country: Corby, Great Britain

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North Greenwich Arena During London 2012, North Greenwich Arena will host Artistic Gymnastics, Basketball, Trampoline and Wheelchair Basketball.

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ATHLETES Athletes compete in wheelchairs that are fastened to the floor. There are three types of weapons used in fencing Paralympics. They scored by hitting an opponent with the tip or the edge of the weapon. PARALYMPIC GAME: FENCING

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Who…? Name: Chui Yee Yu Date of birth: 29 March 1984 Country: Hong Kong She made her first major appearance at the 2002 World Championships where she won gold. At Beijing, in 2008, she added to her Olympic titles by winning gold and silver.

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ExCel Location: ExCeL is situated near London City Airport in east London’s Royal Victoria Dock. New or existing: Existing Permanent or temporary: Permanent Number of events: 165 For London 2012, the Wheelchair Fencing competition will be held at ExCeL, a multi-purpose events venue that will also host a number of other Paralympic and Olympic sports.

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Thanks for your attention!!! Bye!!! Enjoy the sports!!!

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This great job has been done by: Group 1: Carlos Murcia, Indira S.,Lewis V. and Mònica R. Group 2: Kevin M, Arnau M, Víctor Castanyo and Pere Solé. Group 3: Valèria, Marc, Alícia G. and Guillem Pino. Group 4: Chelsea, Jamie, Killian and Eneida. Group 5: Emma, Miguel Angel, María Pacheco and Adrià R.

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