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Index The Classroom 5th B 2. London 3. Olympic Game: Boxing, Fighters and the Venue Excel 4 . Paralympic Game: Goalball, Players and the Venue Cooper Box in the Olympic Park 5.- Thanks and Authors

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CLASSROOM 5thB This is our classroom. We are very good at sports!! Our tutor teacher is Carles. He’s great! We are very intelligent students!!!

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London London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. It is located on the River Thames. London was founded by the Romans, who called it Londinium. BIG BEN Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London

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The London Eye was opened by the Prime Minister Tony Blair of the UK on 31 December 1999 but not opened to the public until March 2000 due to technical problems. LONDON EYE

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Olympic Games London: Boxing The boxing competition at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, United Kingdom takes place from July 28 - August 12. 286 boxers will compete, with 36 women taking part in the boxing competition at the Olympic Games for the first time ever. The boxing competition will be held at ExCel, which is located near London City Airport.

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Sportists from U.K.   Name: Bradley Saunders Date of birth: 4 February 1986  Country: Sedgefield, England  Name: Nina Smith Country: Grays, Great Britain Nina is hoping to be one of the first female fighters to compete at an Olympic Games in London 2012.

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BOXING LONDON 2012 Excel is an existing exhibition and conference centre in London. Its five arenas will host a range of Olympic and Paralympic sports during the London 2012 Games. Where is it?

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Goalball was invented in 1946 by Austrian, Hanz Lorenzen, and German Sepp Reindle, in an effort to help in the rehabilitation of blinded war veterans. The game was introduced to the world in 1976 at the Paralympics in Toronto, Canada and has been played at every Paralympic since then. Since that time the popularity of goalball has increased a lot. PARALYMPIC GAMES: GOALBALL

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Goalball Key facts Venue: Olympic Park - Copper Box Dates: Thursday 30 August – Friday 7 September 2012 Medal events: 2 Athletes: 132 (72 men, 60 women;12 men’s teams and 10 women’s teams) Goalball has spread around the world. Played by visually impaired athletes using a ball with bells inside, it is among the most exciting team sports on the Paralympic programme.

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Name: Anna Sharkey Date of birth: 5 October 1987  Country: Great Britain Anna became hooked on Goalball when she discovered she could play this team sport without being disadvantaged by her visual impairment. She helped the Great Britain team to gold at the 2009 European Championships. Anna is a 'Team 2012' athlete on her quest for success at the 2012 Games. Sportwoman

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Olympic Parc: Cooper Box Key facts Sport: Handball, Goalball, Modern Pentathlon Location: In the west of the Olympic Park New or existing: New Permanent or temporary: Permanent Number of events: 6

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This great job has been done by: Group 1: Ainara Costa, Pol Estany, Erin López and Ouiam M. Group 2: Xènia Alert, Andrés Lozano, Alex Ramos and June Sales. Group 3: Pau Conejo, David Martínez, Miriam Maya and Maria Peche. Group 4: Joan Freixas, Laia Rosso, Marc Formoselle and Sara Rodríguez. Group 5: Víctor Murillo, Ari García, Víctor Pérez and Alejandro Macías.

Summary: Powerpoint about Olympic and Paralympic sports

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