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Olympic and Paralympic Games

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1. Class Presentation 2. London City 3. Olympic and Paralympic Games Facilities 4. Tennis 5. Wheelchair tennis 6thA Index

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This is the class of 6th A.This class is very happy, fun and cheerful. We are 9 boys and 15 girls. This class is the best 6th though many in the class are sometimes very quiet. 6th A class

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This is the Tower Bridge on the river Thames. The Tower Bridge The Big Ben This is the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament next to the London Eye.

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1 2 3 1 This is the city of London. Here are the Big Ben and the London Eye. 2 This is a typical bus Of London. It is a Doubledecker. 3 This is a telephone Box. It is red. London city

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Aquatics center SPORTS: Diving swimming, synchronised swimming, paralympic swimming and pentathlon. LOCATION: South-east corner of the olympic park.

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SPORT: Tennis LOCATION: Wimbledon is in South West London, near Richmond Park. Wimbledon is the home of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club and the setting for the famous Wimbledon tennis tournament since 1877. Wimbledon

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Tennis is played with a racket a ball and a network. It can be played from two to four players. Tennis

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Anne Keothavong Andy Murray He is a professional tennis player born on May 15th, 1987. He lives in Glasgow; Scotland. He finished the 2011 season as No. 4 in the world ranking. She is a professional tennis player born on Semptember 16th, 1983 in England. She finished the 2011 season as No. 57 in the world ranking.

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WHEELCHAIR TENNIS Wheelchair tennis is one of the forms of tennis adapted for those who have disabilities in the lower limbs of their bodies. The size of courts, balls, and rackets are the same as all the players.

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Gordon Reid Gordon is a wheelchair tennis player from Helensburgh, Scotland. He was born in 1991. Lucy Shuker Lucy is a wheel-chair tennis player from Great Britain. She was born in 1980. PARALYMPIC TENNIS

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Olympic and paralympic games Thank you for your attention and for your collaboration

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Martí Armas Alba Arévalo Ainhoa Canales Noel Carrasco Claudia Carrasco Sara Codina Nil Cosano Mireia Costa Gerard Díaz Andrea Forns Víctor García Claudia Guaza Carla Ibáñez Salma Koujil Ferran Martínez Mireia Nuñez Ana Perales Laia Pino Sara Pérez Ramon Requena Naiara Tejada Gemma Tobarra Raúl Torres Biel Vilà Thanks to:

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