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Media evaluation. Magazine audience.

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My magazine is targeted at young teenage girls around the age of 13. This is because when I researched other magazines of similar genre, this was the main demographic who bought their products. Who my audience is:

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Bright colours – so it stands out amongst other magazines. Attractive model – she’s looking at the camera, which draws in attention. Girls want to be like her. Hooks – Appealing to the target audience as they focus around popular pop acts. Competition – again, using a popular band that will be of interest to the audience. This could be a main reason why they purchase the magazine, if they think they have a chance of winning. How it appeals to my target audience:

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My magazine will attract a niche audience, as it has the some of typical conventions of other magazines of it’s genre (Top Of The Pops), therefore the same audience will find it interesting. A wider or niche audience?