Use of technologies through processing my media product


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Use of technologies through processing my media product. What I have learnt in the process.

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For the photo on the front cover and contents page, I had cropped the image and learnt how to refine the edge. This allowed me to be able to extract the photo from the background and keeping the strands of hair that would usually have to be rubbed out or be erased by the ‘Magic Wand Tool’. I also was able to adjust the colour curves. Which meant I could make the photo lighter and the quality more improved looking, without having to retake more to get better light when the photo itself was fine. On the cover photo, I used the ‘Spot Healing Brush Tool’. This was only used a little bit but I had not used this on the preliminary or any other photos I had taken beforehand, so I had just learnt how to use it. It wasn’t really hard to use but I had never thought of using it before. The photo on the article pages had only been edited by the colour curve adjustment. Editing photos

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I used the ‘quick selection tool’, and made sure all of the model has been selected. I then clicked on ‘refine edge’, and then selected ‘show radius’. After this, I went around the edge of the photo (the model) to select the part I wanted to extract from the background. I then clicked ok and went to Select > Inverse. This selected the background, so I just deleted it from the photo, leaving me with the model. I carried out the same method on the contents page photo. How I edited the front cover photo:

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I had put the same effect on all of the texts. I went onto blending options and used ‘Stroke’ on most of the text on the front cover. (Title and hooks). This made it look more styled and grouped together. The only difference between them was the size and colour – to show which was the main stories etc… I had placed these effects from the front cover throughout the magazine, although not all text used this. In fact, just quotes and titles on the contents page and the article. The rest of the texts like the pages, was just the basic text. Text effects

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By using Photoshop CS5.5. Because I had not used these Photoshop skills on previous magazine attempts, such as my preliminary product. I learnt these:

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I have learnt how to take clear photos and what the best shot to use would be. I also used the tripod more than I used to, this again makes sure the camera is steady so the photos won’t blur. I used the flash more than I used to as well, because sometimes it would be too dark for the photos and make them look like they have slightly bad quality. Camera < When the flash was not used. After the flash was used. >