Sieradz prezentacja


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My City Sieradz

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The municipal Amphitheatre situated in the old park over the ”Warta” river. In the summer there are often organised some concerts in the open air.

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The Antique, wooden St. Spirit’s church is situated in the old cemetery.

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The square with Marshal Józef Piłsudski monument. Place where ceremonies connected with public holidays are held.

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The Municipal Council .

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The edifice of the oldest high school building “Jagiellończyk” . The school with lots of traditions .

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The Antique Dominicans and Ursuline sisters monastery. There are paintings and sculptures from the seventeen and eighteen century.

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The church dedicated to All Saints ``Fara``. The Antique building from 14th century, enlarged and extended in 16th century, commemorating Swedes invasions.

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The modern church dedicated to the Holy Heart Of Jesus Christ, built at the beginning of 90th.

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The old market place surrounded with antique tenements. A long time ago the central paint of Sieradz.

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Railway Station

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On the market place there is a building of Polish post office.

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The building of Secondary School no. 1 in Sieradz

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Gimnasium no. 2

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The Municipal theatre. In 1874 some post stables were rebuilt into the theatrical hall. In 1900 it was qiven present classical shape. At present theatre has audience for 350 places.

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The National Insurance System „ZUS” . One of the most modern buildings in Sieradz.

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The stadium situated in the Urban Sports and Recreation Centre. At the stadium Warta Sieradz plays their matches.

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The panted bridge over the ”Warta” river.

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created by Mateusz Mielczarek