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Recipient demographics? Gifting Event? What is your relationship to the recipient? (with an intimacy slider) What do you want the recipient to do with the gift? If they had two hours of free time how would they spend it? Are you in the same location this month? If he would listen to music – what type? List Genres How do you want the person to feel when they open the gift?

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Introduction Please watch the video below, which will help introduce you to our product: http://www.eyejot.com/mview/7A7929E1B40FC8CAC891274F85946B2F6C48613683E1B51180ACA55A1266ABBC

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Welcome to Rattle the Box! We’re here to help you find fun ways to support your Penn State freshman as he or she adjusts to life in State College. Discover and suggest great experiences and products specifically selected by our team to help your college student get off to the best possible start. Hint: Suggesting gifts is really just a great way to give advice :) Next Back Welcome to Rattle the Box!

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First, we’d like to get to know you and your student! Your name I have a Son Daughter who will be a freshman at Penn State this fall. His/her name is I’m his/her Mother Father Parents He/she was born on MM/DD/YYYY (seems like yesterday) Joseph Doe Next Michael 04/18/1991

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Michael will show up at Penn State and will be feeling… (Drag the adjectives to the boxes below) Next Back Happy Excited Nervous Optimistic Adventurous Unsure Sad Confident Ready to take on the world Stressed

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In Michael’s free time you can expect to find him: Next Back Enjoying the outdoors Staying inside

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How much does Michael enjoy doing the following: Next Back Playing video games Playing a sport

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How much does Michael enjoy doing the following: Next Back Rattle The box Going hiking, biking, or running Going to a movie or play

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In social situations, Michael: Next Back Rattle The box Takes awhile to jump in Jumps right in

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Michael’s activity level would be best termed: Next Back Rattle The box Sedentary Moderate High

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Discover fun ways to help your student get off to a great start in State College. Next Back Wondering why? Scroll over the gift boxes for more information! Helping Michael develop fun and effective ways to manage the normal (but perhaps new) stressors of college life is a true gift. Students who effectively manage stress get better grades, are sick less frequently, and have better relationships with friends. Want to know more? Click here! Supporting students in a few key areas during their first semester increases the likelihood that they’ll have a successful first year. Effective stress management techniques involve (1) Physical activities, like working out or playing a sport, (2) Mindful activities, like meditating or listening to music, or (3) Social activities, liking talking with friends.

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Which of the following activities would you encourage Michael to participate in to manage stress (Check all that apply)? Get outside Relax Try something new Get active Connect with others Increase faith Appreciate art & beauty Have fun Meet new people Other: Next Back Rattle The box

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Which of the following gift options would you like to see suggested (Check all that apply)? Free experiences Paid experiences Paid products Next Back Rattle The box Our database contains lots of ideas that are free or covered under Michael’s activity fee. We also have activities and products that require an additional cost. Let us know what you’d like displayed.

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Rattle the Box thinks that Michael would like the following Experiences: Select options to suggestion to Michael Satisfied with gifts! Don’t like our suggestions? Let’s try again!

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Let’s personalize your gift for Michael! Please choose one of the following methods to reveal your gift to Chris: Puzzle Game of Chance Game of skill Video Picture Wheel Music Add a message for Michael to see when he opens his gift: Rattle The box Next Hope you like this gift as much as the one I gave you on Christmas ‘00. Love, Mom and Dad Choose Choose Choose Choose Choose Choose Upload Upload Upload

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Rattle! Hope you like this gift as much as the one I gave you on Christmas ‘00. Love, Mom and Dad Michael, you have been rattled by your Father! Change Gift Reveal Rattle The box

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Confirmation Thank you for working with us to make Michael’s college experience more enjoyable. Rattle the Box will notify Michael by email that he has been Rattled. Rattle The box Rattle The box

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You’ve been rattled! Your Parents has rattled you, please click below to see his gift suggestions HERE! Rattle The box Welcome, Michael!

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See your gift suggestions! Hope you like this gift as much as the one I gave you on Christmas ‘00. Love, Mom and Dad Michael, you have been rattled by your Parents! Rattle The box

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Your Parents think that you would like one of the following Experiences: Select options to suggestion to Michael Don’t like the gift? Choose something else, it’s on me! I want this!

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Rattle The box Michael, we hope you enjoy the Musical Event! Now, Let your Father know what you have selected and send a thank you note to him! Next

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Use the box below to let your Father know how much you appreciate the gift: Hi Mom and Dad, Thank you for your gift suggestions. I can’t wait to go to the driving range. Thanks for thinking about me. Mike Send! Do you want to attach pictures or animations? Rattle The box

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Congratulations Hey Michael, thank you for using our service! We hope you continue to use Rattle the Box in the near future. Rattle The box Rattle The box

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Rattle The box Thank you for taking the time to look at our Rattle the Box demonstration. Please return to the email and view the second demonstration (for girls), or take the survey! Thank you!

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