Olympic Games USA. Les Pruneres.


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We are the sixth class of the school Les Pruneres. We present the power point on the Olympic games in USA The Class

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1.U.S.A 2.Olympic cities: -Los Angeles -Saint Louis -Atlanta 3.Sailing as an Olympic sport 4.Athletics as an Olympic sport 5.Sailing sportists (Olympic and paralympic) 6.Athletics sportists (Olympic and paralympic) 7.Conclusions Summary

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USA is in North America . At the north of USA there is Canada. At the South there is Mexico. The United States organized the Olympic Games in the summer of 1904 (Saint Louis), on 1932 (Los Angeles) and in 1996 (Atlanta).

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OLYMPIC CITIES LOS ANGELES Los Angeles is a city located in California on the edge of the Pacific Ocean . ATLANTA Atlanta is the capital and the largest city in the state of Georgia . It’s the third most populous city in the United States . SAINT LOUIS City of Saint Louis is the largest metropolitan area in the state of Missouri.

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Atlanta, Saint Louis, Los Angeles Saint Louis Los Angeles Atlanta

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SAILING Sailing is the art of moving a boat by harnessing the power of wind.

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OLYMPIC and PARALYMPIC SAILING Sailing made its Olympic debut in 1900 in the Paris Games. Sailing was introduced to the Paralympic Games at Atlanta 1996.

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ATHLETICS JUMPING Track and field jumping events consist of four events: LONG JUMP Jumpers make their approach down the runway at nearly top speed, plant a foot on the take-off board, and leap into the air. TRIPLE JUMP The athlete runs down a runway until he reaches a designated mark where the jump is measured. HIGH JUMP The high jump is an event in which an athlete tries to propel his/her body over a bar that rests across two upright poles. POLE VAULT Pole vaulting is an event where a person uses a long, flexible pole as an aid to leap over a bar.

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Mark Reynolds ( 1955) is an American Star class sailor and Olympic champion. SAILING MEDALISTS Olympics Medalist

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Maureen McKinnon-Tucker ( 1965) is an American paralympian yachtswoman. In 2008 in Beijing she became the first woman to represent the United States in sailing at a Paralympic Games and she won a gold medal. Paralympics medalist

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ATHLETICS MEDALISTS Olympics Medalists Frederick Carlton "Carl" (1961) is an american athlete. He won 10 Olympic medals including 9 gold, and 10 World Championships medals, of which 8 were gold. Richard Douglas "Dick" Fosbury (1947). He was one f the most important athletes in the history of jumping. He is nowadays the President of the World Olympians Association

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Paralympics Medalist MARLON SHIRLEY Born in 1978 in Utah. Hometown Thatcher, Utah He is a Paralympics Athlete with an amputation below the Knee. He is a gold medalist in Long Jump.

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CONCLUSIONS We have made ​​this work by choosing a current issue, the Olympic games, coinciding with the celebration of the Olympic Games this year in London. We have worked all students of the class into small groups and have learned some things about sports and athletes, and we have practiced reading and writing in English.

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