How have schools changed from the early 1900’s


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How have schools changed from the early 1900’s to today By Madeline Aldouby

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Did children get homework? 1800’s Children were taught by their parents if their parents could read and write, or they went to schools run by churches. 1840’s At these schools the teachers taught a lesson to older students who were then used as monitors to teach the lessons to younger students. 1840’s The boys were in one room and learned to read, write and do mathematics. In the girls classrooms they learned how to sew, draw and learned about music. Most children did not go to school. They were needed to do work at home or to get a job. Children without jobs or not in school often formed gangs and roamed the streets. 1850’s The New South Wales government was the first state to set up a school system; as other states were founded they followed. Children could start from the age of 4 and leave by the age od 13. Teachers were usually untrained and poorly paid.

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In the early 1900’s In the early 1900’s, the wealthy children attended private academies. The schools were houses with a few rooms in them set aside for classrooms. They were small, with only about three or four pupils in each grade. One teacher taught several grades in just one room. In the private schools, girls and boys were not together. They went to separate academies. Some of the subjects the girls learned were reading, spelling, history, arithmetic, geography and penmanship or handwriting. Sometimes they learned manners and dancing, French, drawing and how to walk and act like a young lady. The public schools, on the other hand, were free and mostly attended by the kids who were not rich. Boys and girls were at the same school. There was a class for each grade level with about 20 to 30 kids in each class.

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Entertainment In the 1900’s Entertainment was very different. They had no electronics to play on at play time. Some of the games they had were knuckles, marbles, ball and cup ect.

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Transportation In the 1900’s there transport was not that good. They had to ride on a horse or in a carriage. Now days we have trams, trains, buses, cars ect.

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