How to Transfer Kobo ePub to Sony eReader


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How to Transfer Kobo ePub to Sony eReader ePub ebooks

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What is the problem? Kob and Sony are two different e-book readers, even though both of them support ePub format, but you can’t transfer ePub ebooks from Kobo to Sony directly. But don’t worry. In this tutorial, we will tell you two options to transfer Kobo ePub to Sony eReader.

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How-to Method 1: Method 2: With Adobe ID Using Kobo Desktop

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Method 1: Read Kobo ePub on Sony Reader with Adobe ID Have Sony's new eReaders, such as PRS-350 and PRS-650, and upgrade your Sony Reader Library software to the latest version. Authorize your eReader using your Adobe® ID and the Sony Reader Library software. And if you don't have Adobe® ID, you need to create one.

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Three Step to transfer Step 1. Launch the Sony Reader Library software and connect your Sony eReader to your computer via a USB cable. Step 2. Click "eBook Store" on the left navigation area on the Library, enter your Sony account credentials and click "Sign In". Step 3. After the detection of your eReader, this software will display your eReader. Now you can click the button of "Authorize" and type your Adobe® ID and password. Click "Submit" and your eReader will be authorized by Adobe®.

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Ok, you can go to your Kobo library and choose your purchased books that you want to transfer to your Sony eReader now. Just download them on your computer, right-click on them and select Open With Reader Library. Then, these books will be added to your Sony Reader Library. At last, drag books to the Reader icon and the Kobo books is now on your Sony eReader.

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Method 2: Using Kobo Desktop to Add Kobo ePub to Sony eReader If method 1 doesn't work, you can try this method to use Kobo desktop. But this method only applies to Windows computers.

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How-to: Four Steps Firstly, install the Sony Library software as well. Secondly, install the latest version of Kobo Desktop, open it and sign in to your Kobo account. Thirdly, connect your Sony eReader to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Lastly, just simply click the button of "Sync" and the application will transfer Kobo ePub books in your library to your Sony eReader automatically.

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Using Tips: You can choose whichever way you like to read your Kobo books to Sony eReader. And if one of the two ways doesn't work for you, you can try the other alternate way. By the way, we also provide some other tutorials, such as Convert ePub to Kindle, Read Kindle Books on Nook and etc. might help during your e-reading life. Source:

Summary: Most people suffer from the trouble of transferring Kobo ePub books to Sony eReader. Don't worry, here we provide two solutions for your choice to add Kobo eBooks to Sony eReader.

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