Социальные (добрые) проекты – стимул образовательного


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Applied innovative projects as an incentive of the educational process. Vladimir Syreschikov, Olga Yuhtanova Nizegorodsky Radio Technical College, Nizhny Novgorod , Russia

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This presentation shows the possibility of increasing interest to the students' knowledge by using practical examples taken from real life. In Nizegorodsky Radio Technical College uses this pedagogical approach to enhance the intelligence of students, to form their creative and practical abilities. Topics of applied innovation projects come from production needs and problems of people in real life. Students involved in the development of application of innovative projects, qualitatively improved their knowledge and have received high marks in various competitions. Such application innovative projects are designed several dozen, some of them won national and international awards. Examples of such application innovative projects are presented below.

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THE PROJECT "WATER." The project "Water" is water a control system of water pouring for passenger cars. Actuality of this problem is conditioned by necessity of measuring and control after the level of pouring water tanks of railway carriages. Transfusion leads to losses of up to 100 litters of water per one pouring. It is the irrational use of fresh water. It is the unskilled labour. Ice formation on ways of equipment during the winter season - leads to tails of trains. This problem is actual for two centuries!

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The solution of this problem Teachers` staff and students of our college developed a 3-D presentation of the automation process and operating control system of water pouring level in passenger carriages. We use pressure sensor with the piezostructure and the programmable controller with digital display. 3-D presentation of the automation process you can see.

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REMOTE NOTIIFICATION OF THE DANGER ZONE Progress in rail transport is on the way to speed up traffic. However, Russia and some other countries are characterized by the presence of an unprotected crossing zones of high-speed sections, which leads to numerous injuries and death. A public system of sound and light warning morally outdates and no longer corresponds the velocity of the 21st century.

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The solution of this problem. The aim of the project is to create of a public system of automatic radio signals coded "signal of danger." The transmitter is installed on the locomotive, and the receiver may be a cell phone. College students and teachers` staff have developed and produced a demo model of the current system with a transmitter and a receiver. The reporting central TV you now can see!

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The problem of detecting electronic digital objects is useful in three main areas of application: countering industrial espionage, counter-terrorism counteraction, search for people after disasters.

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REMOTE DETECTION OF ELECTRONIC OBJECTS The project used a receiver with radiometric principle of working to register signals below the level of noise. Cycles of recoded signals of the electronic device on a computer screen.

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CONCLUSIONS Applied innovative projects, derived from the needs of people in real life, stimulate interest in theoretical and special knowledge, develop creative thinking form lls.

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Vladimir Syreschikov Nizhny Novgorod , Russia Tel: 831-218-4524; e-mail: syr@bk.ru