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GeoDosu Kyoto Geocoder Provided by Locazing Inc. and ANNAI LLC

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Kyoto has two address systems Postal Addresses Defined after World War II Not used in daily bases in Kyoto Street based address Originally defined in 794 Used in daily bases in Kyoto

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Can’t be Searched

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GeoDosu Kyoto Street based Address Latitude, Longitude

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Basics of Street Based Address Shijodori Higahsiyama Nishi-iru Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto  Shijo-dori Higashioji Nishi-iru Agaru means go to North Sagaru means go to South Higashi-iru means go to East Nishi-iru means go to West

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Shijo-dori Higashioji Nishi-iru Higashioji-dori (Higsshioji St.) Shijo-dori (Shijo St.)

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“dori” (means “street”) suffix may be omitted Shijodori Higashioji Nishi-iru Shijo Higashioji Nishi-iru

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Order of street name can be changed Shijodori Higashioji Nishi-iru Higashiojidori Shijo Nishi-iru

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Street may have Alias Shijodori Higashioji Nishi-iru Shijodori Higashiyama Nishi-iru Higashiyamadori is an alias of Higashiojidori

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Direction part can be combined Higashi iru agaru Kawaramachi Shijo(dori) Kawaramachi dori Shijo dori

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Rules It is a “direction” rather than “address”. There is no specific rules. GeoDosu is continuing to cover currently used street based address

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Advantages of GeoDosu 1.Focus only Kyoto’s addresses To optimize algorithm to detect Kyoto addresses

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2.On daily bases, Collect currently used data from   Web, Magazine, Guide Field Survey, Inquiry Advantages of GeoDosu

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3.Supervisors who was born and grow in Kyoto       For appropriate judge and advice in ambiguous cases Advantages of GeoDosu

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Kyoto is the largest city for tourism in Japan where 50 million people visit a year GeoDosu will make GIS/LBS enable for Kyoto region

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GeoDosu Web API GeoDosu provides free Web API for non-commercial use

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GeoDosu Paid Services Web API Services(>50000 query/day) Integrate GeoDosu system with any system List of Data

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GeoDosu Geo - Geocoding (convert address to coordinates) Dosu - auxiliary verb of assertion in Kyoto dialect

Summary: Geodosu is a Kyoto geocoder. Kyoto has two address systems. It is a “direction” rather than “address”. There is no specific rules. Then,It can't be searched! geodosu.com

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