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Here is the numeral 1. 1

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Here is one dot.

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This die shows one dot.

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Here is a playing card—the ace of diamonds. It has just one diamond.

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This baby is just one year old.

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one o’clock

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One is the atomic number of the element Hydrogen.

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We have just one head,

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one nose,

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one mouth, one chin,

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and one bellybutton.

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One equals zero plus one. 1 = 0 + 1

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Inside our bodies, we have one heart,

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one tongue,

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and one brain.

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In Christianity and other religions, people believe there is just one God.

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The ordinal word for 1 is first (1st), first 1st as in, “The bear was here first.”

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Most countries have just one capital city.

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Most countries have just one president (at a time).

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Who was that? It was the first president of the U.S., also the man on the one dollar bill. George Washington, of course.

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Here is the word one. one

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Earth has just one moon. (Sometimes it is called Luna.)

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The Earth goes around just one star, called the Sun.

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Most candles have just one wick and one flame.

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One is odd. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9…

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A Christmas tree has just one topper (this one is a star).

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Flowers have just one stem,

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and fruit like this apple has just one stem, too.

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Here is a lady’s one-piece bathing suit,

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and here is a tie— men wear only one.

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The word for myself – I – has just one letter. I 1

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When you win a race or other competition, you win first prize,

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and in sports, first place earns a gold medal.

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Here is the Roman numeral I. I

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Being the first is special. For example, Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to climb to the top of

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Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world.

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There can be only one of the tallest, the deepest, the oldest. These are called “records.”

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This person was the tallest man in the world. There can be only one tallest!

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1. The End

Summary: Introducing the number one - for young children.

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