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Christmas in the different countries By Umar Omarov

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In England, except a fur-tree, the house is decorated by mistletoe branches. Mistletoe bouquets are even on lamps and chandeliers, and, on custom, you can kiss the person standing in the middle of a room under a bouquet of a mistletoe

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In Italy on New Year's Eve it is accepted to get rid of old things, and Christmas is marked by burning of a Christmas log.

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In Mexico New year meet fire of celebratory fireworks, a ring of special New Year's jingles. And to children at midnight hand over tasty gingerbread dolls.

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In Spain it is accepted to eat 12 grapes, during 12 blows of hours per midnight.

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In Myanmar New year comes in the most hot season, therefore its arrival it is marked so-called by "water festival» when people at a meeting water each other. The tradition of douche by water is some kind of a happiness wish in New year.

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Iranians mark new year (Nauruz is the Persian. نوروز‎, «new day») on March, 21st or 22 (night with 30 esfand on 1 farvardin), in day of a spring equinox

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Summary: Конкурсная работа ученика 11 класса Омарова Умара

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