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MS Excel Environment/Ribbons BY:GRADE 7 MABINI GROUP 1 Parts of the MS Excel 2007 Environment

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MS Excel 2007 Environment

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MS Button Active Cell Columns Quick Access Toolbar Tabs Title Bar Ribbon Work Sheet Rows Sheet Tabs Status Bar Close BUTTON Scrollbars Zoom Level Views Name Box Miximize & Restore button Minimize button

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A.MICROSOFT OFFICE BUTTON The MS button ,located at the top left of the excel window,contains a pull down menu with commands that performs function located in the file menu of older versions of exel.

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B.Quick Access Toolbar The quick access toolbar is a cuztomize toolbar that allows u to access frequently used commands such as save ,undo,redo,etc. You can place the quick access toolbar above the ribbon. 1.Click the drop-down arrow or pointer found on the QUICK ACCESS toolbar to access the command CUSTOMIZE QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR. CLICK MORE COMMANDS for more options. 2.To change location QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR,click on the drop-down arrow at end of toolbar then SHOW BELOW THE RIBBON. If u add items to the QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR. 1.Right-click on any OFFICE button OR The RIBBON. 2.CLICK add to QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR .A NEW icon or shortcut is QUICK ACCESS toolbar.

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1.TABS- it contain features organized around the tasks that u do most in each program. TABS & ARE CATEGORIZE AS FOLLOWS: A.HOME B.INSERT C.PAGE LAYOUTS D.FORMULAS E.DATA F.REVIEW G.VIEW 2.CONTEXTUAL TABS-these are the additional tabs to the normal sets of tabs that appear when certain object is selected.

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3.GROUPS –IT contains more detailed tools that are organize according to thier functions.example ,front group provides the tools. 4.Commands-these are the buttons which will either display a dialog box where can u enter information or open menu for more related options. 5.DIALOG BOX-is located at buttom right corner of group which display dialog box containing addtitional options 7 setting setting for each command. TO ACCESS THE RIBBON: A.Using youre mouse B.USING YOURE KEYBOARD A .press Alt or F10 to display the keys for each tab in the ribbon B.Press the coressponding key to display or active the command. BY pressing Esc key ,the user can cancel a command.

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D.NAME BOX-indicates location of active cell,which is the selected cell.It also show the name assigned to cell or range of cell.It can be used navigate different cell in youre wocksheet. E. FORMULA BAR-the formula bar located just below ribbon .it display data or formula as u type in the cell.

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F.COLUMNS-these are vertical blocks which can be identified by alphabetical letters .there are 16,384 which indicatedby column heading XFD. G. ROWS –THEse are horizontal blocks of cells running across the entire Width spread sheet.there are 1,048,576 rows which u can use in excel 2007.

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H.GALLERIES-galleries help u change the look of youre spreadsheet by offering. J.MINI TOOLBAR I-it is a floating toolbar that contains specific commands 7 paragraph formating features such as BOLD,ITALIC,FONT,FONT SIZE 7 FONT COLOR.

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J.WORKSHEET-A Worksheet contains of cells that are organized into columns and rows. A worksheet is stored in a workbook. WORKSHEET

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K.CELL-A individual cell lies at the intersection between a row and a column.The combination of both column letter and row number is also know as cell reference or cell address. M.SHEET TABS -these are tabs allow u to view a specific sheet.By default,there are three worksheet tabs which appear each time u create a new workbook. CELL SHEET TABS

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N.SCROLL BARS-The horizontal and vertical scroll bars allow the user to scroll through other parts of the sheet. To scroll horizontally in a worksheet , you can locate the horizontal scroll bar in the bottom-right corner or you can click the bar and move it from left to right. O. Status Bar- the status bar displays if options such as signature, paermissions, track chages, and macros are turned on or off. It also displays if the cell is ready for data entry.

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P. Views – A new feature in MS EXCEL 2007 is the Views toolbar which allows you to switch between available views of your workbook. It is located on the right side of the status bar. Views

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Q. Zoom Control – The zoom control is located at the bottom right corner of hte window that is used to increase or decrease the viewing size of the work area. The plus (+) sign indicates to increase the size of the text while the minus (-) sign is to decrease the text on the screen.

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R. Minimize Button - This will reduce the size of the entire screen and place it on the taskbar. S. Maximize Button – This will expand the application to fill the entire screen. T. Restore Button – This will bring back the original size of the worksheet. MINIMIZE,MAXIMIZE & RESTORE BUTTON

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