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The news Gimnazjum nr 3 in Sieradz

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From 1.12.2008 to 14.04.2009 our school participated in the project called " A small list of best-selling books" within the framework of eTwinning

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eTwinning is an international cooperation through the Internet platform.

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Partners: SCOALA CU CLASELE I-VIII RACOVITA (Romania) and Gimnazjum nr 3 w Sieradzu (Poland)

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We established this contact with the aim of exchanging experiences about books read by young people

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Another aim was to get to know other cultures and universal values

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We got an e-Twinning certificate.

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It was the news from Gimnazjum nr 3 in Sieradz

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The Film Company presents:

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A small list of best-selling books

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Number 10

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A little self-loving Amy thin as a little pony and crazy Jo, a shy Beth and the oldest of them-beautiful Meg – are four sisters facing the difficult life exam. Each of them is different , each has their own joys and moments of doubts . Each of them is similar. They are the girls of imagination and pride, often choosing between temptation and reason, between a play and a duty. They are little women not being aware that one day will come which will make them mature women. Each girl, who stopped being a child will find in this tale an unforgettable atmosphere of family home, her own feelings, hopes, fears and satisfaction of that beautiful time of being a little woman. „Little women” Next volumes : Little Woman II

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Number 9

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“Anne of Green Gables” is a bestselling novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery published in 1908 Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, unmarried middle-aged siblings who live together at Green Gables, a farm in the town of Avonlea, on Prince Edward Island, decide to adopt a boy from an orphan asylum in Nova Scotia as a helper on their farm. Through a series of mishaps, the person who ends up under their roof is a precocious girl of eleven named Anne Shirley. Anne is bright and quick, eager to please but dissatisfied with her name, her pale countenance dotted with freckles, and with her long braids of red hair. „Anne of Green Gables”

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Being a child of imagination, however, Anne takes much joy in life, and adapts quickly, thriving in the environment of Prince Edward Island. She is something of a chatterbox, and drives the prim, duty-driven Marilla to distraction, although shy Matthew falls for her immediately. „Anne of Green Gables”

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Montgomery continued the story of Anne Shirley in a series of sequels: „Anne of Avonlea”

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Montgomery continued the story of Anne Shirley in a series of sequels: „Anne of the Island”

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Montgomery continued the story of Anne Shirley in a series of sequels: „Anne of Windy Poplars”

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Montgomery continued the story of Anne Shirley in a series of sequels: „Anne’s House of Dreams”

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Montgomery continued the story of Anne Shirley in a series of sequels: „Anne of Ingleside”

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„Rainbow Valley” Montgomery continued the story of Anne Shirley in a series of sequels:

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„Rilla of Ingleside” Montgomery continued the story of Anne Shirley in a series of sequels:

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Number 8

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Fifteen-year-old Aniela Kowalik, a gifted person lives in the city Łeba. One day she met Pawełek on the beach. He is handsome with blond hair. Because object of her sighs lives in Poznań, Anielka moves there in order to learn at school and meet Paweł. She decides to settle at aunt and uncle's because their flat is near Paweł’s flats. She has no money so she decides to work and help at Paweł's house as Franciszka Wyrobek. She is very happy because it is an excellent chance to be close to Paweł. „Liar”

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Number 7

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„The Lord of the Rings” “The Lord of the Rings” is an epic high fantasy novel written by philologist John Ronald Reuel Tolkien : The Fellowship of the Ring The Two Towers The Return of the King The first part of the series The Fellowship of the Ring is set in Middle-earth and tells the story of the Dark Lord Sauron , who is seeking the One Ring . The Ring has found its way to the young hobbit Frodo Baggins. The fate of Middle-earth hangs in the balance as Frodo and eight companions form the Fellowship of the Ring, and journey to Mount Doom in the land of Mordor: the only place where the Ring can be destroyed.

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Number 6

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„The Door to Time” Eleven-year-old twins Jason and Julia have just moved from London to an old mansion on the English coast. Their new home is filled with twisting tunnels and strange artifacts from around the world, and the twins can't wait to discover all its secrets. Before long, Jason, Julia, and their friend Rick stumble upon a mysterious-looking door hidden behind an old wardrobe. But none of the keys in the house will open it. What lies behind the door? And why has someone tried to conceal it? Jason, Julia, and Rick are determined to find out, no matter what it takes. . . .

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You can also read the following novels by Ulysses: „The Long Lost Map” „Isle of Masks” „The Stone Guardians” „The First Key” „The House of Mirrors”

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Number 5

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„The Chronicles of Narnia” “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” tells the story of four ordinary children: Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie. They discover a wardrobe in Professor Digory Kirke's house that leads to the magical land of Narnia, which is currently under the spell of the evil White Witch. The four children fulfill an ancient, mysterious prophecy while in Narnia. The Pevensie children help Aslan and his army save Narnia from the evil White Witch, who has reigned over the kingdom of Narnia in winter for 100 years.

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“The Chronicles of Narnia” is a series of seven fantasy novels for children written by C. S. Lewis: „The Lion, the Witch end the Wardrobe” „Prince Caspian: the Return to Narnia” „The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” „The Silver Chair” „The Horse end His Boy” „The Magician’s Naphew” „The Last Battle”

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Number 4

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„The Princess Diaries” “A 15-year-old Mia from New York learns that…her father is a prince. He is a ruler of a small state of Genovia. That means that she is a princess and a heiress to the throne. There is also a worse piece of news : she must start behaving like a princess. But how to be a princess in New York? She is finally convinced by her father. From that moment she will start to have lessons on court etiquette by her weird grandmother. During holidays and summer breaks she will learn to rule Genovia.

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Next volumes of her adventures describe new stories of Mia and her friends. There are 10 volumes altogether „Princess in the Spotlight” „Princess in Love” „Princess in Waiting” „Project Princess” „Princess in Pink” „Princess in Training” „The Princess Presents” „Party Princess” „Sweet Sixteen Princess” „Princess on the Brink” „Princess Mia” „Forever Princess”

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Number 3

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„Eragon” “Eragon” is the first book in the planned “Inheritance Cycle” by Christopher Paolini. Paolini began writing the book at the age of fifteen. There are two more books of the series: Eldest and Brisingr. The book tells the story of a young farm boy named Eragon, who finds a mysterious stone in the mountains. A dragon named Saphira hatches from the stone, which was really an egg. When King Galbatorix finds out about Eragon and his dragon, he sends his servants after them in an effort to capture them. Eragon and Saphira are forced to flee from their hometown, and decide to search for the Varden, a group of rebels who want to see the downfall of Galbatorix.

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Next parts : „Eldest” „Brisingr”

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Number 2

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It is a moving novel of love joining, with the features of horror, romance and maturity novel. Its heroine, a 17—year-old Isabelle Swan moves to a gloomy town in the rainy state of Washington. There she meets a mysterious and very handsome Edward Cullen. The boy has a strange power –you cannot resist him and you cannot see his real meaning. Bella tries to know his dark secrets, but she is not aware of the fact that her life and the life of her closest friends and relatives are at risk. Soon there can be no return… „Twilight” I recommend reading it.It is a REALLY good book!

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Next volumes : „New Moon” „Eclipse” „Breaking Dawn”

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Number 1

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Harry Potter lives whit Dursley’s family. In his 11 th birthday, he heard that he is a wizard and the sorcerer Lord Voldemort killed his parents. Harry went to the Hogwart – The school of magic, where he met his first friends – Ron weasley and Hermiona Granger. In his first year in the school, Harry and his new friends recognized the world of magic they discovered the secret of Philosopher’s stone. „Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone”

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About adventures of Harry Potter you can read : : „Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”

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„Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” About adventures of Harry Potter you can read : :

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About adventures of Harry Potter you can read : : „Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”

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About adventures of Harry Potter you can read : : „Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”

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About adventures of Harry Potter you can read : : „Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ”

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„Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” About adventures of Harry Potter you can read : :

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We recommend you reading books.

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In the project have taken part: librarian, Englich teacher, computer scientist as well as students Magdalena Askanas Magdalena Anaszewicz Michał Grzelak Mateusz Mielczarek Tomasz Pierzakowski Aleksandra Powalska Michał Wojciechowski