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Our School Musical By Elli & Taylor

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THE RUSH TO DEMOCRACY Every two years our primary school performs a musical. Our principal, Mr Hannon wrote the musicals about Australian history. Two years ago, our musical was about the arrival of the First Fleet to Australia. Our musical this year was called “The Rush To Democracy” it was about people all over the world coming to Australia and looking for gold. Some men left there wife's at home to search for gold but not many people got gold to take home after they payed the licence fee. One man called Peter Laylor stood up for the rights of all workers.

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This is our year (year 5) singing in the musical.

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The whole school singing you’re the voice. The singers singing from little things big things grow. Some year 5’s dancing to overkill. Our principal, Mr Hannon.

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The rush to democracy Our musical connects to our last unit about history. We went to Sovereign hill and learnt a lot about the Gold Rush. Year 5 singing crazy

Summary: scopus musical 2012