Summer Constellations


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The Summer Constellations With thanks to

Slide 2

The view to the north

Slide 4

The view to the south

Slide 6

The Big Dipper

Slide 9

a real “big dipper” (a ladel)

Slide 10

Ursa Major (the Great Bear) includes the Big Dipper

Slide 12

a real “great bear”

Slide 13

Look up from the two stars at the end of the Dipper to find the North Star.

Slide 16

The Little Dipper, or Ursa Minor (the little bear) Notice Polaris, the North Star.

Slide 18

a real “little dipper”

Slide 19

Cassiopeia (the Queen) Say “cass-ee-oh-PEE-uh”

Slide 21

Queen Cassiopeia

Slide 22

Curve down to Arcturus, then go further to get to Spica. Say “ark-TOOR-us” and “SPY-kuh”

Slide 24

Bootes (the Herdsman) and Corona Borealis (the Northern Crown) Notice the bright star Arcturus. Say “boh-OH-teez”

Slide 26

a herdsman and a crown

Slide 27

Virgo (the Virgin) Notice the bright star, Spica.

Slide 29

The Virgin Mary

Slide 30

Cepheus (the King) Say “SEE-fee-us”

Slide 32

King Cepheus

Slide 33

Sagittarius (the Archer), which includes the Teapot

Slide 35

Sagittarius the Archer and a teapot

Slide 36

Scorpius (the scorpion) and Libra (the scales) Notice the bright star, Antares. Say “ant-AIR-eez”

Slide 38

a scorpion and some scales

Slide 39

Ophiuchus (the serpent bearer), Serpens Caput (the head of the serpent), and Serpens Cauda (the foot of the serpent) Say “OFF-ee-YOO-kuss”

Slide 41

a person “bearing” (or holding) a “serpent” (a snake)

Slide 42

Ophiuchus and the serpent

Slide 43

The Milky Way is our galaxy. (It isn’t a constellation.)

Slide 45

Here is what the Milky Way looks like in the sky.

Slide 46

Here is a painting of what it might look like from far, far away.

Slide 47

Aquila (the Eagle) Notice the bright star, Altair. Say “uh-KWILL-uh”

Slide 49

a Bald Eagle and a Golden Eagle

Slide 50

Cygnus (the swan), Sagitta (the arrow), and Delphinus (the dolphin) Notice the bright star, Deneb. Say “suh-JIT-uh” and “del-FINE-us”

Slide 52

a swan, an arrow, and a dolphin

Slide 53

Lyra (the lyre) Notice the bright star, Vega. Say “LIE-ruh” and “VAY-guh”

Slide 55

a lyre (an ancient harp)

Slide 56

The Summer Triangle

Slide 58

Hercules (the hero)

Slide 60

Hercules, the strongest man in ancient Greece

Slide 61

Draco (the dragon)

Slide 63

a dragon (but dragons aren’t real, they are only stories!)

Slide 64

The End

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