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Why? Because…

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If you ask “Why?” I answer, “Because.” Let me show you.

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Why does rain fall from clouds?

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Because tiny little drops of water (droplets) crash together inside clouds,

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making raindrops,

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then the raindrops fall!

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We ask “Why?” when we are confused. We do not understand something that happens. But we want to understand!

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Why do we catch colds and get sick?

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Because tiny germs,

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usually a rhinovirus,

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get into our bodies, when we breathe,

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or when we touch something where germs are (like a doorknob).

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When you ask “Why?” you want to know the cause of something.

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Why do things fall down, and not up?

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Because, as Sir Isaac Newton discovered,

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objects are attracted to each other—and that’s called gravity.

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The Earth is a very big object,

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so little objects, like apples, fall down toward the Earth!

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The words after “because” are an explanation. People like explanations.

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Why do giraffes have such long necks?

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Because they need to eat the leaves from tall trees!

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Causes lead to effects. To explain an effect, state the cause.

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Why do stalactites form in caves?

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Because caves start out wet,

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and water drips from the ceiling,

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and there is just a little calcium carbonate in that water,

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which builds up when the water drips!

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Check it out! A stalactite drips (25 seconds, very simple video, not good quality)

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The End Why? Because…

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