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Math Do you find Everyday Math language and algorithms confusing? There’s help!

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Everyday Math Online

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Writing We evaluate the quality of writing using six traits: IDEAS ORGANIZATION VOICE WORD CHOICE SENTENCE FLUENCY CONVENTIONS

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CONVENTIONS The grammar, spelling and punctuation used to guide the reader through the text and make ideas readable

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ORGANIZATION The internal structure of the piece including the pattern of logic used and strength of connections between ideas

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WORD CHOICE The considered use of rich, colorful, precise language that is both functional and moves the reader

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IDEAS The clarity of the overall message

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VOICE The heart and soul of the writing, the magic, the wit, the feeling, the personality, the life and breath, the flashes of spirit

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SENTENCE FLUENCY The rhythm, flow, variety in sentence structure and length, creative phrasing, word order and alliteration within sentences

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Birthdays You are welcome to send in a small treat for your child’s birthday.

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