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Student Success Workshop INTERVIEWING STRATEGIES Broward College April 20, 2009 Facilitator: Dr. Carolyn Stewart

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The phone rings … CONFIRM: * Date * Time * Location (parking information) * Process (who will you be meeting with)

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BEFORE THE INTERVIEW Research the job Reread job description Match your skills/abilities to requirements Research the school Check websites Go to the library Speak to others Visit interview location

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BEFORE THE INTERVIEW (Continued) Learn your resume Memorize key words Prepare portfolio with: 5 copies of resume Pen Samples of work, certificates, license Reference sheet Prepare questions to ask at interview Practice answers to standard questions

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DRESS FOR SUCCESS Professional attire Comfortable shoes Conservative accessories No perfume

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INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Prepare to answer: Tell me about yourself What are your strengths? Weaknesses? What’s your salary requirement? Have you ever been fired? Behavioral / Situational questions

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DAY OF INTERVIEW Bring portfolio, appointment book, Driver’s License and Social Security Card Interview starts when you enter the parking lot and approach building Arrive 10 – 15 minutes early unless otherwise requested Do not eat, drink, or smoke Develop good rapport with front office staff Be patient

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DURING THE INTERVIEW Stand up and greet the interviewer by last name Firm handshake (beginning and end) First five seconds important for making a favorable impression Maintain eye contact Maintain positive attitude

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DURING THE INTERVIEW (Continued) Be aware of body language Think before you answer a question Do not interrupt interviewer Give direct answers to questions Thank the interviewer Ask what the next step is in the interviewing process

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AFTER THE INTERVIEW Document your experience Send a thank you note within 24 hours Express your interest in the position Mention how you will contribute If offered position, write a reply accepting or rejecting

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INTERVIEW TABOOS Sit down first Answer with a simple “yes” or “no” Make negative comments about former employer Exaggerate your background Call interviewer by first name Make personal comments Smoke or chew gum

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INTERVIEW TABOOS ( Continued) In appropriate jokes/Humor Political comments Personal data Slang/profanity Slouching

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ILLEGAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS How old are you? What’s your birth date? How tall are you? What’s your weight? What’s your marital status? Do you plan to have a family? How many kids do you have? Do you have any disabilities? Have you ever been arrested?

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HANDLING ILLEGAL QUESTIONS Tell truth Reinforce strengths Inquire about reason for question Ask a question/clarify Refuse to answer Threaten to sue

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*Begin with your past - *Add what you are doing in the present - *End with what you can contribute to the school in the future. YOUR 60 SECOND COMMERCIAL

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FINAL THOUGHTS Know who you are. Discover where you fit. Seek for clarity of purpose. Believe in yourself. You are the difference that is needed. Go forward!

Summary: Student Success Workshop: Interview Strategies, Broward College April 20, 2009. Facilitator: Dr. Carolyn Stewart

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