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Happy Pr nce TH By Oscar Wilde

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High above the city, on a tall column, stood the statue of the Happy Prince.

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He was gilded all over with thin leaves of fine gold, for eyes he had two bright sapphires, and a large red ruby glowed on his sword-hilt.

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“He looks like an angel” said the Charity Children

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One night there flew over the city a little Swallow. His friends had gone away to Egypt six weeks before, but he had stayed behind,for he was in love with the most beautiful Reed.  But the Reedshook her head, she was so attached to her home.

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"You have been trifling with me," he cried. "I am off to the Pyramids. Good-bye!" and he flew away. 

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"What is the use of a statue if it cannot keep the rain off?" said the sparrow; "I must look for a good chimney-pot," and he determined to fly away.

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"Far away," continued the statue in a low musical voice, "far away in a little street there is a poor house. One of the windows is open, and through it I can see a woman seated at a table.”

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Her face is thin and worn, and she has coarse, red hands, all pricked by the needle, for she is a seamstress. In a bed in the corner of the room her little boy is lying ill. He has a fever, and is asking for oranges. His mother has nothing to give him but riverwater, so he is crying.

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"I am waited for in Egypt," said the Swallow. "My friends are flying up and down the Nile, and talking to the large lotus-flowers. Soon they will go to sleep in the tomb of the great King.The King is there himself in his painted coffin. He is wrapped in yellow linen, and embalmed with spices. Round his neck is a chain of pale green jade, and his hands are like withered leaves."

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“Besides, I don't think I like boys. Last summer,when I was staying on the river, there were two rude boys, the miller's sons, who were always throwing stones at me.”

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“They never hit me, of course; we swallows fly far too well for that, and besides, I come of a family famous for its agility; but still, it was a mark of disrespect. “

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But the Happy Prince looked so sad that the little Swallow was sorry. So the Swallow picked out the great ruby from the Prince's sword, and flew away with it in his beak over the roofs of the town.

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In he hopped, and laid the great ruby on the table beside the woman's thimble. Then he flew gently round the bed, fanning the boy's forehead with his wings.

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It is curious, but I feel quite warm now, although it is so cold.

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Oscar Wilde

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When day broke he flew down to the river and had a bath.

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 Swallow, Swallow, little Swallow,far away across the city I see a young man in a garret.

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He is trying to finish a play for the Director of the Theatre, but he is too cold to write any more. There is no fire in the grate, and hunger has made him faint. My eyes are all that I have left. Pluck out one of them and take it to him. He will sell it to the jeweller, and buy food and firewood, and finish his play.

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So the Swallow plucked out the Prince's eye, and flew away to the student's garret.

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Will you not stay with me one night longer?

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“In Egypt the sun is warm on the green palm-trees, and the crocodiles lie in the mud and look lazily about them “

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 "In the square below," said the Happy Prince, "there stands a little match-girl. Her father will beat her if she does not bring home some money, and she is crying. Pluck out my other eye, and give it to her, and her father will not beat her."

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"Dear little Swallow," said the Prince, "you tell me of marvellous things, but more marvellous than anything is the suffering of men and of women. There is no Mystery so great as Misery.

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“Fly over my city, little Swallow, and tell me what you see there.”

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Leaf after leaf of the fine gold the Swallow picked off, till the Happy Prince looked quite dull and grey. Leaf after leaf of the fine gold he brought to the poor.

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...and the children's faces grew rosier, and they laughed and played games in the street.

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 Then the snow came, and after the snow came the frost. The poor little Swallow grew colder and colder, but he would not leave the Prince, he loved him too well.

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Good-bye, dear Prince!Will you let me kiss your hand? 

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"I am going to the House of Death. Death is the brother of Sleep, is he not?" And he kissed the Happy Prince on the lips, and fell down dead at his feet.

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"Dear me! how shabby the Happy Prince looks!" "This broken lead heart will not melt in the furnace.” So they threw it on a dust-heap where the dead Swallow was also lying.  The Mayor

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Bring me the two most precious things in the city!

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The End "You have rightly chosen," said God, "for in my garden of Paradise this little bird shall sing for evermore, and in my city of gold the Happy Prince shall praise me."

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This digital presentation of the Happy Prince was made in the Library of 1o Geniko Lyceio Elefsinas, Greece, by members of the Bookclub 2009 Maria Vergou Christina Gabrani Aris Zouka Anastasia – Maria Melioti Konstandinos Papageorgiou Kyriaki Regou

Summary: A summary of Oscar Wilde's tale by the Elefsina School Bookclub

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