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History in Pictures, Part I

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History is about what happened a long, long time ago. A long time ago, things looked different. Here is how some things looked.

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There were no cars.

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Some people rode horses.

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Sometimes horses pulled carriages,

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and sometimes horses pulled wagons, or carts.

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Many poor farmers, called peasants, just walked.

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Many streets were muddy.

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Most people did not live in cities.

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Instead, they lived in the country, and worked on farms.

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Peasants were very poor, and their houses were not fancy.

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But there were rich people, called kings,

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princes and princesses,

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and aristocrats,

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who lived in huge, fancy castles

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and palaces.

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Kings and queens were the richest people

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in their country, called a kingdom. They ruled. That means they could tell everybody what to do.

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Kings wanted to make their kingdoms bigger and bigger. They wanted more and more land.

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So kings fought each other! Kings got armies of men together

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and armies fought big fights, called battles!

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There were no guns.

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So the soldiers in armies fought with swords

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and archers used bows and arrows,

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and other deadly weapons. “Deadly” means people died.

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After a king won many battles,

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sometimes, he combined many kingdoms—and made an empire.

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The End

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