Last year's projects


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Last Year’s Projects

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Amy Bruce Research and Planning: 14 marks. Well structured Thorough Only analysed one music video Construction of main task: 32 marks. Storyline not clear Some timing out Stylised Smooth transitions

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Ancillary 1 Digi Pack 6 marks. They don’t match. Too spacey. Inside colour scheme matches promotion. Cutting out could be better.

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Ancillary 2 Poster 7 marks. Simple but effective. Roses should be more clear.

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Evaluation 14 marks. Multimedia. Scripted. Covered all areas of construction. Clear what her individual role was.

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Sam Terry Research and Planning: 14 marks. Planning for setting. Analysis thorough. Unclear responsibilities. Construction of main task: 32 marks. Storyline not clear. WHO IS THE STALKER!!! Lip syncing BAD Flash backs! Shot of face in window.

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Ancillary 1 Digi Pack 6 marks. Like the cover photo and style. Writing in trees unclear. The pictures look awkward.

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Ancillary 2 Poster 5 marks. Doesn’t look like a poster Writing isn’t clear

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Evaluation 15 marks. Audience Feedback was effective. Not enough information. Multimedia.

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Hazel Nasho Research and Planning: 15 marks. Time management is good. Horror films analysed in detail Not much evidence of individual work Construction of main task: 33 marks. Costume not great Typical Horror Trailer conventions

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Ancillary 1 Poster 6 marks. Stylised. Too much space Doesn’t say much about the film

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Ancillary 2 Magazine Cover 8 marks. Colour scheme is consistent. Clear to read. Fits the genre.

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Evaluation 12 marks. Multimedia. Could of broken up the text Asked a range of people who the film was aimed at. Individual Role not clear.