Reviewing my AS work


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Reviewing my AS work

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Front Cover Pros: It has a house style. All the text is easy to read. It follows the conventions of a pop magazine. Cons: I think the masthead could of stood out more. I should have used a range of fonts instead of one.

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Contents Page Pros: It follows the conventions of my style model Q. It has a good, set style. Cons: I should have used more photos. I think the girl is dressed too casually. The photo takes up the majority of the page.

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First Article Page Pros: I like the black and white contrasting. Cons: Teeth are unrealistic (too bright) I should have cut the photo out better.

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Second Article Page Pros: I like the contrasting black & white photo with the colour photo. All the text is tight and compact. Cons: The interview could have been longer.

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