Reviewing AS Magazine project


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Reviewing AS Magazine project

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This was my front cover from our AS project. I wanted my front cover to contain similar conventions to that of Kerrang! Which I feel I achieved as my use of bright colours and a bold title looked similar to Kerrangs! ‘smashed’ look font. I liked my front cover image and believed my model played the role well, however if I was to do it again I’d use an image of a better quality as the image looks faded but still use the same model. I used bright yellow to attract the audiences attention to the double page story, I think the font fitted well with the title as the font looks as though its been ‘destroyed’ just like fame destroyed the artist. I used the brush tool for my bottom banner to make the bands names stand out, I thought this worked effectively and would choose to use this again. To improve my front cover I would have added more to the page as I feel it is rather bare and would have looked more professional to have filled the page. I also would have used a few more images as the bottom image looks odd in comparison to a lot of the text on the page.

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I think the contents page was the weakest part of my magazine. I took inspiration from Q for the ‘inside this week’ which I liked and would use again. I believe that my use of many images was successful however the page looked dull and there was nothing to it. I used the same fonts throughout so that my magazine was consistent, making it look like a real product that may appear on the market today. I added miniature versions of my magazine cover to promote subscriptions, which made my magazine look more like a real product. To improve my contents page I would possibly change the background to an image to make it look less empty.

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My double page spread fitted well with my house style, as I used hot pink font to connote the ‘sex appeal’ of my model as well as her ‘rock chic’ personality. I liked the image I used for my double page spread as the black and white effect fitted with the rest of my magazine, also my model looks vulnerable, which fits with the title ‘fame destroyed me’. To improve my cover story double spread I’d use brighter font for the quote as it did not stand out as much as I’d hoped.

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For my single page spread I used a black and white image again, fitting with my house style, which looked effective and showed the new personality of my model, showing her being ‘sexy’. The use of the Twitter symbol adds a more professional feel to my magazine. To improve this page I’d make the quote at the bottom of the picture stand out as it isn’t as prominent as I’d have liked.