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Evaluation The Preliminary moving image task Chase scene

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Our initial idea for the chase scene was to see the actor running through the school and to be caught at the end. We were then going to make it look like the person had been killed. At the end of filming, however, we decided that it would be better if we added the comedy to the end of the ‘chase’ due to the impression that the audience may already have. The idea

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In our scene we have used a female being ‘chased’ by a male. She is dressed in a small dress and wearing plimsolls which adds to the creation of vulnerability. We have also made sure that there was no one else around whilst filming. This helped to make sure that our scene looked authentic. Typical Conventions

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The establishing shots, we thought that it suited the concept well. We liked that we used a range of different shots. The music that we picked for the final scene, fitted with the pace. What we liked about it:

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Some of the shots themselves were a bit to long. The camera did seem to be a bit too shaky. Some of the setting was too light so that we found it hard to film/ see what was going on when we edited it together. In some of the shots we can see the camera man in the reflection in the cars. We believed that at some parts of the sequence it was a bit too slow What we disliked:

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We believed that the acting could have been a little better, therefore we might ask someone else to act in our projects. There is some clear evidence throughout the clip of some bad continuity errors that were made. This was because we struggled to get all the filming done in one day, and therefore the lighting is different in the outside scene. At the end, when actor 2 states, ‘you’ve dropped your purse’, you cant really hear when he is saying due to background noise. What we disliked:

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My contribution What my main role was in the filming/ editing in this task.

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Throughout this task, my main role lay within the editing along with one other person in my group. For this we used final cut to put all of the different clips together to make our scene. To do this I helped to choose the best clips in order to get the best possible results. I also contributed in picking the music which was to go on the top of the scene, we decided this as a group, as we felt it was important. My contribution:

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That there are many different ways to gain different shots; such as running after a character to gain a chasers’ point of view in a chase sequence. That when it is particularly sunny outside, it might be an idea to get a number of different shots in order to make sure that at least one will be clear. I have also gained a brief understanding of how the camera works and therefore how to use it to my advantage. What I learnt:

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I have also learnt that the location of all of the shots are important, and that it is important that they will fit around the subject matter that I am trying to convey. That I have to gain a number of different shots to make it look authentic. What I learnt:

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To improve on this, for my own project I will: Make sure that the lighting is better on the camera. Make sure that I get a few takes of some shots so that I have a variety to choose from (and from a variety of different angles). Try and allow for the documentary to flow easily, so that it all makes sense. I have learnt that i will need to get as many shots that I can so that I have a ‘bank’ of shots that I will be able to use. Improvements?

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