Our analysis of previous horror posters


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Our analysis of previous horror posters.

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Grade we gave: 38/40 We liked the translucent effect because it is “ghost like” which fits with their horror genre The font is simple and bold which stands out amongst the darkness, it is also red which symbolises danger and blood Age rating is included to make it look professional. Website and release date to make it look professional The house has been contrasted to make it look darker and the windows are brighter giving a mysterious effect

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Grade we gave: 25/40 The photo doesn’t look professional or realistic and there are no effects to make it scary and fit in with the horror genre We think that the font is “cheesy” and does not work well with the genre as it looks amateur. The photo is too small and does not fill the gaps of the whole poster which has left a lot of black space.

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Grade we gave: 30/40 We preferred this poster of “sweet dreams” because the image looks more professional and has been edited to fit in with the genre of horror i.e. eye colour change to red, symbolising danger and the black and white compliments the red font and eyes making them more prominent. One negative part of this was that the image was again, too small and does not take up enough space leaving a large blank gap at the top which doesn’t look effective. We preferred this font because it is simple yet effective as it has a black shadow around it but doesn’t over-power the redness.